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The principle



The Perfecta baseboard heating system consists of a convector element tight fitting in a metal casing with inlet openings at the bottom for cool air from the floor area and at the top a guiding
vane for the outcoming warm air.

The convector, as its name indicates, has to be installed right above the floor at a room wall.
The outcoming warm air will then rise along the wall and thus effectively heat up the wall
above the convector; making this wall part of the heat transfer collective.
In this way the available area for heat transmission to the room is enlarged substantially with
regard to the surface of the convector itself.
It has to be stressed that due to the warming up of the wall and the increased surface temperature
the system acts as a means for radiant heat supply.

The conclusion

The Perfecta system, by using convective heat supply to raise the wall temperature,
so indirectly belongs to the caterory of the radiant heating systems.

The Perfecta principle delivers an even temperature distribution in the room.
Besides and in contrast to the experiences with ordinary convector systems no uncomfortable air
movements (draught) will occur.
This together with the positive effect of radiant heat supply at moderate temperatures results in

comfortable room conditions and a quick response to changes in the heating load.
The effectively limited dimensions of the heating element makes this solution very efficient in comparison
with traditional alternatives.

In conclusion: the Perfecta Base Board heating system distinguishes itself positively
with regard to comfort, efficacy, cost and efficiency.